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We supply equipment for small hobby productions of 200-300kg per day, but also for large producers.

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19 August

Vinification - Tips and steps for a high quality wine

LOREDO SRL is the market leader on the small and medium segment of winemaking equipment, winemaking products and agricultural equipment. With over 20 years of experience in providing winemaking equipment, we have started ...

19 August

Cutting and Tying the Vine

Vine Cutting and Tying - Where do we plant vines? The pruning and tying of the vines are the most important maintenance and insurance operations of the harvest. But first let's see what ...

19 August

Spring Pruning and Grafting on Fruit Trees

Spring pruning and grafting of fruit trees are essential works in fruit tree plantations. These are absolutely necessary for a quality production and for the health of the tree. Cutting or grooming trees is a job ...

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