Warranty certificate

  1. This Warranty Certificate is issued by SC LOREDO SRL, as Supplier, and guarantees the repair of the products in accordance with the Warranty Conditions described below. The manufacturer guarantees the components used in the construction of its products against manufacturing and material defects, satisfying all the technical specifications, for the period established below starting from the date of purchase by the end user.
  2. We, SC LOREDO SRL, declare on our own responsibility that the product to which this Warranty Certificate refers is / are compliant with the following standards / regulations: GEO no. 174/2008 Government Ordinance no. 21/1992, GD no. 394/1995 with subsequent amendments and completions and complies with the safety requirements in use demonstrated by the supplier's CE mark applied to the product, the supplier's declaration and the test reports.



3.1. The products sold by SC LOREDO SRL are intended for commercial, industrial or production activities, artisanal or liberal, made by PROFESSIONALS (as Beneficiaries), as they are defined in the Civil Code, art. 2 par 2 and 3. The guarantee conditions are granted in accordance with GO no. 21/1992 and GD no. 394/1995 with the subsequent modifications and completions.


  1. WARRANTY TERM of the product is 12 months.



5.1. In normal operation it is 3-5 years, if the technical operating conditions specified in the manual and the provisions regarding the instructions for installation, use, handling, transport and maintenance / upkeep of the products are observed.



6.1. Any notification or complaint regarding the products under the warranty period will be addressed in writing to the Supplier by notification on the Supplier's website (http://www.loredo.ro, or by email at service@loredo.ro, or by presentation at one of the working points of SC LOREDO SRL. Only in exceptional cases where this is not possible, the notification can be made by phone, at tel 0723376437 on Mondays - Fridays between 8:00 - 16:00 with the express request to the service technician of the Supplier to be open Written notification in the internal system of the Supplier. The Beneficiary will remain on the phone with the Service technician of the Supplier until the completion of the Written Notification with the claimed ones.



The supplier assumes, during the warranty period, the following obligations:

7.1. Diagnosis, expertise, disassembly / assembly, repair or FREE replacement of defective subassemblies that are subject to warranty, at the point of work of the Supplier or Beneficiary (when the situation requires it and this is agreed)

7.2. If the Supplier, following the expertise, finds that the defect occurred in compliance with all the obligations of the Beneficiary - listed below - and the operating conditions imposed by the supplier, the supplier undertakes to remedy the defect within a reasonable period of time, but not more than 10% from the warranty period, the period starting from the receipt of the product by the Supplier.

7.3. The warranty period begins on the date of sale of the product and extends with the time elapsed from the date of complaint to the date of repair of defects. The extension of the warranty period is registered in the Warranty Certificate.



8.1. Considering that the delivered products may have sensitive electronic and mechanical subassemblies, the Beneficiary is obliged to strictly observe the conditions of handling, transport, storage, commissioning / installation, operation, maintenance / repair and repairs provided in the technical documentation of the products. , as well as the following general technical conditions for installation and use:

  1. a) Supply voltage: 220V / 380V +/- 10%, frequency 50Hz +/- 1%;
  2. b) Product operating temperature: +10 ÷ + 35 ° C;
  3. c) Atmospheric pressure: 84 ÷ 107kPa; Humidity: 40 ÷ 65% at 20 ° C, without condensation;
  4. d) Dust-free environment, corrosive agents and vibrations;
  5. e) Sockets with correct grounding: the voltage measured between the product housing and the zero of the power supply socket (with the appliance switched on) must not exceed 1V;

8.2. The beneficiary undertakes to treat the products with the utmost responsibility and to ensure that they are used only by competent and specialized personnel.

8.3. The beneficiary undertakes to use the products in a suitable working environment (clean, ventilated and air-conditioned rooms, adequate electrical installations and earthing, protection against voltage drops) and having provided the consumable materials necessary for operation (eg lubricating oil, distilled water , compressed air, cleaning solvent, etc.);

8.4. The beneficiary undertakes not to make changes in the structure of the equipment without the written permission of SC LOREDO SRL. Any interventions (assembly, disassembly of subassemblies-components, cables, accessories, including extensions of the configuration listed in the Certificate) on the products delivered by SC LOREDO SRL will be performed exclusively by the specialized technical staff of SC LOREDO SRL or by technical staff authorized by this for carrying out the service activity for the supplied products. In this sense, for any intervention performed by third parties, the Beneficiary has the obligation to present proof of this fact (fiscal receipt, invoice, service receipt, etc.), even if the system was delivered unsealed.

8.5. The Beneficiary undertakes to follow and comply with the revision plan and to perform regular maintenance operations for the purchased products.

8.6. The Beneficiary undertakes to use only original or authorized consumables for the purchased products.

8.7. Failure to comply with one of the above conditions will void the warranty provided by the Supplier.

8.9. In case of installation or any technical intervention of the Supplier at the Beneficiary's premises, the latter will ensure the preparation of the necessary infrastructure (access, maneuvering space and installation / servicing, electricity, compressed air, distilled water, material samples, environmental conditions according to specifications , etc.) and the technical means (people, forklift, transport systems, pallet trucks, etc.) necessary for handling and servicing the products.



9.1. During the warranty period, at no additional cost, SC LOREDO SRL will repair or replace defective products or components that are subject to warranty, with new ones or, at the option of SC LOREDO SRL, with components equivalent in performance. All replaced components or products will become the property of SC LOREDO SRL;

9.2. During the warranty period, the technical warranty services are performed free of charge at the Supplier's office, within the Technical Dept., where there are sufficient means, components and resources for repair, verification and functional testing.

9.3. During the warranty period, the technical warranty services may be performed at the Beneficiary's premises only if

9.3.1. The Beneficiary has purchased an On-Site Warranty clearly specified in the Sale-Purchase Agreement, or an On-Site Service Agreement valid for the entire period of validity of the warranty contract.

9.3.2. The Beneficiary pays the travel expenses of the Technical team of the Supplier based on an estimate accepted before the intervention. Travel expenses will include the costs of transporting the technical team, accommodation and per diem;

9.4. Maintenance visits are not included in the warranty. If the Beneficiary requests additional works, he will pay the equivalent of the hourly labor related to the work.

9.5. In case of any complaint, the Beneficiary has the obligation to present, at the headquarters of SC LOREDO SRL, defective products packaged properly and appropriately to protect the integrity of the product, together with the warranty certificate and detailed description MANDATORY in writing (or email or online notification) of the defect as and the documentation / technical books that accompanied the delivery product. Their lack entails the non-performance of warranty interventions (the products are not received in service).

9.6. The supplier ensures for a fee the maintenance and repair of the products even outside the warranty period - for the entire average duration of their use (specified in the AVERAGE DURATION OF USE OF THE PRODUCTS).

9.7. In the case of interventions for unfounded complaints, the Beneficiary will pay the finding fee and the cost of labor related to the intervention, which cannot be less than EUR 50 during the day (excluding VAT) as well as any travel expenses.

9.8. The finding by the authorized service staff of SC LOREDO SRL that the major defect of the product is due exclusively to the customer's fault leads to the immediate loss of the product warranty.

9.9. In case the defect occurred due to non-compliance with the warranty conditions and the obligations of the Beneficiary, in addition to the immediate loss of the product warranty, the Beneficiary will be obliged to pay the finding fee and labor related to the intervention. Taxes and labor and will be paid on the spot, at the RON / EUR exchange rate

9.10. The supplier is not responsible for any malfunction (total or partial) or incompatibility of the products delivered by SC LOREDO SRL with products / equipment purchased from other companies. For the request of testing some products delivered by SC LOREDO SRL together with others purchased from other companies, a labor fee of 50 EUR without VAT / hour is charged.

9.11. The Supplier's liability for any claims for damages arising from or in connection with the machine or its use, will not in any case exceed the amount paid by the Beneficiary for the machine that is the subject of the claim.

9.12. The supplier does not assume responsibility for defects caused by a third party. Defects thus caused are not covered by the warranty. The Supplier reserves the right to verify the conditions of use of the products delivered to the Beneficiary's premises, upon a warranty request.

9.13. Products that no longer correspond to the wishes or purposes of the Beneficiary cannot be returned.

9.14. The Supplier cannot be held liable to the Beneficiary or third parties for any losses or damages of any kind, direct and indirect, caused by the use of the products or caused by their failure, the sole obligation of the Supplier being to repair the defective product.


The warranty is valid under the following conditions:

10.1. These products are purchased from SC LOREDO SRL or from an Authorized Dealer;

10.2. This Warranty Certificate bears the stamp of SC LOREDO SRL or the Authorized Dealer.

10.3. The Beneficiary has no arrears to SC LOREDO SRL regarding the payment of the products covered by the Guarantee or of other products.

10.4. The Warranty Certificate is not transferable.



11.1. The delivered products can include consumables from the category of accessories (eg: coals (brushes), gaskets, rings, oil seals, bearings, glands (friction seals), switches (switches), cutting discs, sieves, chainsaw blades, chainsaw chains, filter elements, lubricants, spark plugs, food hoses, cutting blades and knives, transmission belts, power or connection cables, etc.) and other consumables (eg lubricating oil, distilled water, cleaning solvent, etc.), which will require replacement at regular intervals. The product warranty is not granted for these consumables and accessories.



The warranty covers only those defects that occur in the normal operation of the product and does not apply to:

12.1. Failure by the Beneficiary to comply with the conditions of handling, transport, storage, installation, commissioning and use provided in the documentation accompanying the product - electrical, mechanical, thermal shocks, high degree of impurities and / or excessive humidity in the working room, placement in positions other than those described in the user manual, foreign objects entering the equipment, liquids, etc .;

12.2. Failure by the Beneficiary to comply with the regular maintenance and upkeep procedures specified in the manual and / or transmitted by the specialized personnel of the Supplier.

Failure to perform maintenance operations leads to incomplete or incorrect operation of products and damage to components and / or consumables (filters, food hoses, blades and cutting knives, transmission belts, etc.).

12.3. Use of consumables other than the original ones.

12.4. Unauthorized interventions on products made by persons not authorized by SC LOREDO SRL, such as assembly, disassembly of subassemblies, modifications and / or partial or total adjustments of products, extensions of the configuration listed in the certificate, repairs by non-SC LOREDO SRL personnel or authorized personnel by him;

12.5. Operation above the maximum operating limits provided by the manufacturer, or defective operation, abnormal load requirements;

12.6. Power supply at other voltages and frequencies than those provided by the manufacturer.

12.7. Defects due to the use of consumables, materials for production, improper or with improper specifications.

12.8. Defects due to improper installation, incorrect connection, power supply from ungrounded sockets, accidents, disasters, as well as due to connection / disconnection of equipment during operation, damage to products due to accidents (shocks or mechanical shocks, electrical discharges, voltage / current shocks , etc.);

12.9. Fault due to voltage variations. In case of voltage variations, the Beneficiary is obliged to ensure the electrical protection of the products by supplying the products from uninterruptible current sources (UPS);

12.10. Products and / or equipment that show the lack of labels with serial numbers, the undoing, modification or breaking of the product warranty seals as well as interventions on products that lead to the destruction of the seal (where applicable) or the series of the subassembly / equipment;

12.11. Loss of warranty certificate;

12.12. No warranty is given to burned or drilled subassemblies, with traces of mechanical shocks, burnt, broken, hit or mechanically destroyed circuits.

12.13. Products and / or equipment having subassemblies with traces of condensation inside, traces of food, liquids, excessive dust or other foreign objects inside the housings, deposits of liquids or solids, oxidation, corrosion, clogging or blocking with foreign bodies (fans burned, blocked by dust).

12.14. Damage caused by accidents such as floods, storms, lightning, fire, theft, etc.

The defects described above are repaired out of warranty and will be PAID by the Beneficiary.



13.1. In case of delivery of the products by express courier, the Beneficiary has the obligation to inspect the packages upon receipt and to check their integrity. If at the time of delivery of the products there is damage or destruction of the packages delivered by courier approved by SC LOREDO SRL, the Beneficiary will open and physically inspect the packages, and then will record any damage or destruction of packages delivered in a Report concluded with the courier approved by SC LOREDO SRL.

13.2. Any warranty claim regarding the integrity of some products delivered by courier agreed by SC LOREDO SRL will be made in writing, within 5 days from the date of receipt of the product, and will be accompanied by copies of the transport document and the Minutes of Finding concluded with the courier. The provision applies to equipment, including materials and consumables included in the equipment. Any warranty claim regarding the damage of the packages during the transport will not be considered without a copy after the Minutes of Finding concluded with the courier agreed by SC LOREDO SRL.

13.3. The Supplier is not responsible for any defects that occur during the transport of the products to the Service unit of the Supplier if they have been improperly packaged.

13.4. The Supplier does not assume responsibility in case of defects occurred during the transport from / to the service unit if the transport was performed in other conditions than those recommended by the authorized technical personnel of the Supplier.

The delivered product may have delicate electronic and mechanical subassemblies, which require strict observance of handling and transport conditions in order to avoid the occurrence of new defects due to transport.

13.5. The cost of transport and / or travel of the Technical team of the Supplier for carrying out repairs under warranty and post-warranty is the exclusive responsibility of the Beneficiary, except for the cases mentioned in art. 9.3.1



14.1. For the products in service, at the end of the service operations, the Supplier will send an Information to the Beneficiary for their removal from the service unit of the Supplier.

14.2. Depending on the specifics and fragility of transporting the products in service, at the end of the service operations, the Supplier will recommend the most appropriate method of lifting them from service either directly by the Beneficiary, or by transport by courier or by delivery by SC LOREDO SRL staff. The Supplier is not liable for any damage or malfunction caused during the transport of the products, by express courier, from the service unit, if the Beneficiary has been instructed that this product must be transported safely.

14.3. For products not picked up from service after 15 calendar days from Informing the Beneficiary of the completion of service operations, a storage fee of 0.1Eur / kg without VAT will be charged, per day.

14.4. Products not picked up from service within a maximum of 180 calendar days from the date of Informing the Beneficiary of the completion of service operations, become abandoned goods according to the Civil Code, entering the property of SC LOREDO SRL according to Art.941 and art.945, par (4) of the Code Civil, to be destroyed, scrapped, capitalized or handed over to collection centers, at the decision of SC LOREDO SRL.

14.5. For the products in service awaiting collection by the Beneficiary, after the completion of the service operations, and which require regular maintenance operations to remain functional, SC LOREDO SRL undertakes to ensure these regular maintenance operations for a maximum of 30 days from the date informing the Beneficiary of the completion of the service operations. The cost of these operations is added to the eventual cost of the initial repair and will be paid by the Beneficiary before the products are taken out of service. The period can be extended only with the written approval of the Beneficiary to carry out these operations and with the assumption by him of the associated costs.



15.1. This guarantee certificate is valid only on the Romanian territory. Any other warranties, express or implied, are not valid.

15.2. The beneficiary was handed the warranty certificate of the delivered product and the Beneficiary accepted the conditions of this certificate.

15.3. This Warranty Certificate enters into force on the date of its signing and may be amended or supplemented with the agreement of both parties only by an additional act.

15.4. This Warranty Certificate has been drafted and signed in two copies, one for each party, both having the same validity.

15.5.The warranty does not extend to damage to persons or other objects, other than the product in question, resulting from the use of the product, even in the event of a defect or breakage.

15.6Failure to comply with the established payment terms will void the warranty.

15.7.The competent court for any dispute related to the guarantee, contract or any act in question is the Focsani Court, even if the case in question are citizens of another country or companies registered in other countries and territories, even if the products are delivered beyond the official borders of Romania. The law governing the contract is the law of Romania.

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