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The site is owned by Loredo SRL- hereinafter referred to as Fermier.ro or Loredo.ro  having the following data: CIF: RO12778279, NR REG COM J39 / 75/2000, Address: Romania, Vrancea, Focsani, Str. Marasesti, No. 46.


Seller= loredo.ro or fermier.ro or LOREDO SRL

Buyer= any natural person over 16 years of age or legal entity that orders from the site through the cart or the telephone order.

site = www.loredo.ro or www.fermier.ro and any subdomain.

We ask our clients to read carefully these Terms and Conditions that have been drawn up in compliance with the applicable legislation in force.

All information, texts, images, graphics, logos present on the site are under the law for the protection of copyright and the laws on intellectual and industrial property of LOREDO SRL.

Please note that you must keep confidential the password you use to log on to www.loredo.ro and www.fermier.ro


General provisions

Use of the site in any way www.fermier.ro or www.loredo.ro and subdomains implies acceptance of the terms and conditions provided in this section. Website www.fermier.ro and www.loredo.ro are the exclusive property of Loredo SRL. The use of any information from this site without the written consent of the owner entails the consequences provided by law for the protection of copyright.

Thus, it is expressly forbidden: accessing the fermier.ro and loredo.ro site by devices or programs or manual copying of the content, as well as the publication of the content by other companies or sites, in order to make a comparison or analysis in somehow.

Copyright infringement cases can be reported to the address administration@loredo.ro.

Seller's liability for any claims or damages arising in connection with the products, equipment and their use shall in no case exceed the amount of Buyer's payments for the product or equipment that is the subject of the claim.

We are not responsible for improper use in other ways or purposes than those recommended by the manufacturers or for non-compliance with the methods of installation, use or rules of labor protection.

The information regarding the customers' bank cards is not stored in the database of the fermier.ro or loredo.ro sites, these being processed and used strictly by the online payment service providers. Loredo SRL is not responsible for any security issues of the server on which this data is stored.

Visitors can access the site without leaving their personal data.

For a good functioning, the site can set cookies. Browsing the site implies your acceptance for the use of cookies (small files stored on your computer to store customer preferences, which later allows you to improve your browsing experience).



The buyer can place orders on fermier.ro by adding the product / s to the shopping cart and then following the steps in which he will select the payment method and will enter the contact and delivery details. Adding a product to the shopping cart in the absence of completing the order does not entail the registration of an order and implicitly also the automatic reservation of the product.

By completing the order, the buyer agrees that all data provided, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true.

Use on www.fermier.ro or loredo.ro, of any registered trademark name does not constitute an advertisement for the respective company. www.fermier.ro or loredo.ro does not assume responsibility and cannot be blamed for damages caused by using the information or products purchased through our online store.

www.fermier.ro and loredo.ro permanently updates the security of the site and its means of communication. Information included on www.fermier.ro or loredo.ro are made available to you in good faith, from sources we consider reliable.

We do not guarantee that product information is accurate, complete or objective, so no one should rely on it for any purpose.

The products offered by our company can be purchased in several ways:

  1. While visiting the femier.ro store, choose the products that you think you need, add them to the shopping cart by activating the ADD TO CART button.

Check the shopping cart to avoid ordering unwanted products.

Register by filling in all the fields with your data.

Complete the order, paying online with the card.

  1. If you do not want to order online you can call one of the communicated numbers and you will be picked up by a sales assistant. In this way you can also be advised about the desired products.
  2. If you choose to visit one of our showrooms you can try the products you want, get acquainted with their features and how to use them.
  3. If you are a customer who wants to buy products worth at least 10,000 lei, call the sales manager and you will be advised to establish together a customized solution for your requirement.

The order made by the buyer is an act with legal effects, under the condition of confirmation and acceptance of the order by the seller. The registration of the order does not represent its confirmation. After taking over the order, it will be taken over by our operators in order to confirm and establish the delivery details. During the legal holidays, of the promotional campaigns, the deliveries may suffer delays of 7-15 working days.

The seller may cancel the order made by the buyer, following a prior notification to the buyer, without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases: a / non-acceptance by the bank issuance of the buyer's card, of the transaction, in case of online payment, b / invalidation of the transaction by the card processor, c / provision by the customer / buyer of incorrect data, d / when the buyer could not be contacted to confirm the order. From the moment of acceptance of the order by the seller and receipt of acceptance of the order by the buyer between the parties is concluded a contract generating rights and obligations for both parties, as defined in the contract or in the present terms and conditions, which are an integral part of this contract. The buyer accepts the terms in which the contract is concluded at the time of sending the order, the order that generates legal effects from the time of concluding the sales contract by confirming and accepting the order by the seller. The buyer undertakes to take note of these conditions, which are considered to have accepted them from the moment of sending the order to the seller.

By completing the order, the buyer agrees that the seller can contact him, by any means available / agreed by the seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the buyer.

Communication with the seller can be done by direct interaction with him or by the addresses mentioned in the "contact" section of the site. The seller has the freedom to manage the information received without having to bring justifications for it.

If the customer modifies by using the forms on the site the personal data already delivered to fermier.ro or loredo.ro and there are orders in progress, the orders keep their data from the moment of placement, and the delivery of the products will be made taking consider newly modified data.



Payment for products can be made:

- Cash on delivery. Pay the courier, who will issue a receipt;

- Bank transfer - You will receive an invoice by e-mail based on which you will pay in the bank account on the invoice. After the money enters the account, the goods will be delivered to you within 5-7 days.

- Bank Card - This payment method is completely secure. At the time of payment to ensure the protection of transactions, the transmission of your confidential data is done directly through the payment processor. If the transaction is authorized, payment is made immediately and the purchased products will be delivered within 5-7 working days, if they are in stock.

The transport costs presented on the site are only indicative, the exact ones are established by the parcel company depending on the mass, the volume and the destination of the package. The amounts related to the transport are not collected by our company.

Orders for the requested products will be honored in the order of their registration on the site depending on the stock limit available for each of them. All products on this site are available following the physical stock existing in our company. In case of stock depletion, the representative of LOREDO SRL will contact you to offer you purchase alternatives.



At the time of receipt, please check the outer integrity of the package and then sign the receipt. If damage is found, please ask the courier to draw up a report with you and to record the irregularities!

At the same time, you can contact us by phone at that time, at the telephone numbers 0743376437 or 0723376437, working hours: MONDAY - FRIDAY, between 09:00 and 16:00.

The invoice for the products can be sent to you by e-mail or is attached to the package, and the receipt will be issued by the representative of the courier company.

If you do not receive the package within 10 working days or within the communicated time interval, please contact us immediately.

If you refuse a package, we reserve the right to no longer honor orders and to request recovery of amounts spent on package transport, round trip. In order to resume the collaboration, the equivalent value of the transport for the refused package (round trip) and that of the current order will be paid in advance, through the bank.

Orders can be delivered in 2 or more packages due to their origin from different warehouses, exclusively by courier, the customer not having the option to choose 2 different transport methods. Delivery fees are paid separately and the sum does not exceed the total value of transport and fees communicated in the order.

Due to the very short order processing time, it is impossible for us to make changes to the orders already placed.



The buyer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without incurring costs other than delivery and without invoking a reason, within 14 working days of receiving the product. Thus, according to GEO34 / 2014, the period for returning a good or giving up a service expires within 14 days from the day when the buyer takes possession of the good.

Customers www.fermier.ro or www.loredo.ro can return the purchased products, in the original packaging, within 14 working days of receipt, without penalties and without invoking any reason. The return of the products will be made at the customer's expense, using the same transport service with which the shipment was made.

SC LOREDO SRL may charge additional fees for the return of used products, damage, without packaging, etc. for their return to the initial state, which may have a value between 5% and 50% of the initial value of the product. SC LOREDO SRL will return the value of the return within 30 days from the date of written termination of the contract. The refund does not include transport costs.

The terms and conditions presented comply with the legislation in force.

Additional return data:

The price of transporting the products to the company Loredo SRL will be borne by the customer;

The products must be in very good condition, not to be used or worn; they can only be returned in the original packaging without being damaged.

The equipment, or any other products that contain accessories, are returned only if they are in the same condition and they must be complete, they must contain all the accessories with which it was delivered and in the same condition (without physical changes, blows, shards , scratches, shocks, foreign odors, traces of use, etc.) in which they were received, within a maximum of 14 working days from receipt, without penalties and without the obligation to invoke any reason.

Purchased products must be in the same condition as when purchased. Any sign of wear or use existing on the packaging or product entails the cancellation of the right of return. In the case of consumables, their use does not allow their return.

We reserve the right not to accept for return products that show a change in fitness, blows, shards, scratches, electric shocks, foreign odors, traces of foreign products, dirt, traces of wear, missing accessories, misuse, etc.

In case of return of a product that is not in the same condition in which it was delivered, in the original packaging with all the documents that accompanied it, Loredo SRL will consider the return invalid and will be entitled to refuse the refund.

Exceptions to the return are the products brought on special order, the consumable products, the used products, those that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.

By products used we mean products that show signs of wear (physical changes, bumps, shards, scratches, foreign odors, traces of liquids, etc. in general any change to the initial condition of the product, the one in which it was delivered).

Products that do not comply with the specifications on the site from the moment the order is sent, can be returned without additional costs from the customer. It is necessary to send a written notification specifying the nature of the non-compliance. If Loredo Srl cannot replace the product with a compliant one, the value of the product will be refunded.



Careful! The warranty is granted only for products with manufacturing defects.

The guarantee is granted for ONE CALENDAR YEAR according to the guarantee certificate from the date of purchase of the product for the products for which it is specified. We provide service, warranty and post warranty for the products purchased from the site www.fermier.ro or www.loredo.ro.

If the customer brings the product to the service, it must be accompanied by the original warranty certificate and the purchase invoice, which must include the product for which the request is made and an explanatory note showing the defect or symptoms with as many details as possible. The repair of the equipment is done within the term established by the law in force regarding the consumer protection. The defects for which the repairs are made must comply with the terms and conditions of the warranty certificate.

Loredo SRL is not responsible if the customer does not know how to use a machine that is in good working order. This case does not involve changing it with another or compensating the user.

The seller cannot be held liable for damages that the buyer or a third party may suffer as a result of the seller's fulfillment of any of its obligations under the order and for damages that would result from the use of the products and services after delivery.

You can read the texts on the site, watch the explanatory films or contact the sales staff to receive such information.

The characteristics of the products presented on the site are taken over / made available by the producers of the goods and LOREDO does not assume responsibility for the correctness of this information.

If the prices or other details regarding the products / promotions were displayed incorrectly, including because they were entered incorrectly or due to software errors, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery of that product, to communicate to the customer as soon as possible. time of error, if the product has not yet been delivered.

Loredo SRL is exonerated from the obligation to grant a guarantee if it is found that the products in question have been used, stored or improperly maintained, for purposes other than those for which they were manufactured or sold, incorrectly mounted, suffered mechanical shocks , thermal, electrical or of any nature or have come into contact with substances whose use is not necessary, the motors have suffered contact with liquids or electric shocks. LOREDO SRL is also exonerated from the obligation to provide a guarantee if it is found that the beneficiary of the repair performed used or handled the product or equipment improperly, abusively or overloading it, regardless of whether or not Loredo SRL informed the beneficiary of the conditions in which the warranty for repair is granted.

Failure to comply with the conditions listed above will void the warranty.

All goods sold by LOREDO SRL, except for resealed goods, benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with the legislation in force and the commercial policies of the producers. New goods (except resealed goods) come from sources authorized by each manufacturer.

All other provisions contained in the legislation in force, regarding the guarantee of the products sold, are valid. Consumer rights are those provided for in the relevant legislation. The warranty does not extend to any damage caused by the use of the product.


Major power

None of the contracting parties can be held liable for non-performance (total / partial) or late performance of its obligations, if they were caused by force majeure. The parties will immediately bring to their attention the case of force majeure and will take all necessary measures in order to limit the consequences of the event.

If within 15 days from the date of its proceedings, the event of force majeure does not cease, the parties have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without claiming damages.

Force majeure will be proven by law.

Prices and validity of the offer: all prices include VAT and are final. The prices are those from the date of ordering the products, regardless of any subsequent price changes.

The pictures of the products are for example. The delivered products may differ from the images in any way, due to the modification of the characteristics, the design without prior notice by the manufacturers.

Transfer of ownership of goods

Ownership of the goods will be transferred upon delivery, but only after payment has been made by the buyer.

If the goods were not paid for various reasons, the property of the goods belongs to Loredo SRL until they are paid by the client.

Final provisions

If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the purchase and launch of the order, the Customer unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract.

The terms and conditions presented comply with the legislation in force.

The Seller reserves the right to update at any time the Terms and Conditions of Operation of the Sites or of the legal requirements. The document is opposable on the date of publication on the site, so please consult this section periodically.

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