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We supply equipment for small hobby productions of 200-300kg per day, but also for large producers.

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08 December

Guide to using the bag for Bag-in-Box

Guide to using the bag for Bag-in-Box STORAGE OF THE BOXES IN WHICH THE BAGS WERE DELIVERED. Make sure that the box in which the bags were packed is not damaged. Keep the bags in the original box, in the room with low humidity, ...

09 May

Special offers for wineries!

We open the direct sale to medium and large wineries! Do you own a vineyard and need special offers for pesticides? We have the solution! Now you can request a personalized offer, as well as a plan ...

08 November

Find out from Serghei and Anisia why to process your fruits

Are you tired of spoiling your fruit in the warehouse? Are you tired of having impeccable fruit, not selling everything and throwing them away? We have the solution. Transform your fruits into pasteurized natural juice and ...

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