sprayer with lithium batteries CARPI 16 L

The pump is used to apply pesticide treatments in vineyards, orchards or gardens. The component materials are pesticide resistant and durable over time. The pump is carried by the operator in the back with the help of adjustable belts.

It is an electric diaphragm pump with pressure switch that allows it to start and stop independently when the lance handle is pressed or released. It is a product for sporadic or unprofessional use at an affordable price.

Suggested price: 87.40 VAT INCLUDED




  • the solution tank is made of thermoplastic;
  • tank capacity: 16 liters;
  • the operating pressure is adjustable from 1.5 to 4 bar through a potentiometer;
  • 12 V lead battery / accumulator, 8 Ah;
  • continuous working time of about 4.5 hours
  • a reduction in the total weight of the pump of almost 2 kg compared to the lead version.
  • LED indicator for battery charge level;
  • the battery can be recharged with the supplied single-phase 220 V charger;
  • PVC cover with vent valve and gasket to prevent leakage;
  • lance with fiber handle, operating lock and telescopic extension made of stainless steel;
  • interchangeable nozzles with different jets;
  • PVC support / transport straps are adjustable and with shoulder protection;
  • net weight 4.35 kg.

Technical specifications


Officine Carpi


16 L


12 V lead, 8 Ah